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About Us

Tea Room

Tea-Time tea room is located in the heart of downtown Palo Alto, California. Situated northwest of the Silicon Valley and south of San Francisco. Palo Alto reminds visitors that they are in a beautiful spot that has the flair of a Southern European city and the convenience of the American way of life. Palo Alto is the home base of world class businesses and science centers such as the IT giant Hewlett-Packard and the world famous Stanford univeristy.

On Ramona street between University Ave. and Hamilton Ave. and next to many bars, restaurants and art galleries you will also find Tea Time - the only tea room in the area that offers fine teas from around the world. Here, people can buy their choice of fine teas from a tea list with more than 95 plus teas. The loose leaf tea is then professionally packed in a bag or a tin according to your preference. 

Our tea room is designed to be an English cottage. The tables, chairs, cups, saucers and paintings accentuate a casual but cozy English high tea experience.

You can order your favorite fine tea with high tea menu or lighter tea fair or just savory and salads to be enjoyed in the tea room.

Our tea staff are knowledgable and friendly. Our mission is to accommodate you with a memorable tea visit.

Experience it yourself!

Wireless connectivity

As a courtesy we provide wireless connection for customers during our opening hour -  However in order to serve everybody equally, please respect the privacy of others so we don't allow phone call, conference call in our tea room unless it is a private reservation. Tea Time reserves all rights to turn off the service anytime.

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