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Green tea is least oxidized compared to Black teas and Oolong teas as the leaves are steamed or baked immediately after being plucked. They are then rolled and dried allowing the leaves to remain green in color. About ninety percent of the world's green tea is produced in China. Some of the most popular include Gunpowder, Lung Ching, Jade Yunnan, and Gyokuro (Japan). A cup of green tea is generally much lighter than black or oolong tea. While Asian cultures have believed for centuries that green tea has properties beneficial to human health, modern science is just now discovering and confirming the health benefits of tea in general and green tea in particular.

Serving moment: Breakfast, 10.30 am, Lunch, Afternoon, Diner

Food Pairing: Seafood, South East Asian Cuisins - Dessert, Chocolade, Tarts, Cheese Platters, Salads 

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