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Hoji Cha - Uji Mountain

Although Hoji Cha looks like a black tea, it is actually a lightly roasted green tea. In the Kyoto mountainous region, Japan by early summer when tea leaves from the Bancha grow too large and coarse to make into Sencha, they are roasted to produce Hoji Cha. After plucking, the leaves are steamed to prevent oxidation and then roasted. Roasting neutralizes the leavesí astringency and, in the process, lowers its caffeine content. You'll enjoy the unique toasty flavor of this pan-fired or roasted tea. It yields a rich and hearty brew, golden brown in color with smoky or toasty flavors undertones.

Hoji Cha - Uji Mountain
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Brewing Advice:

3 minutes 176-185 F (+/- 85C) 4g (2 teaspoon)/2-cups teapot Lomonosov, Cast Iron, Yixing teapot

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