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The Nilgiri region lies south of Darjeeling and produces premium teas like the Assams and Darjeelings. Less known in the tea world, Nilgiri (Blue Mountain) teas are relatively mild in flavor. The expensive full-leaf versions of the tea, like the Orange Pekoe, are highly sought after internationally, making it unaffordable for most locals. Tea Time carries "Tiger Hill" to represent this region. The aroma is lightly fragrant with fruity overtones. A must try! Shown price is based on standard packaging size 100g or 3.52 ounces

Serving moment: Breakfast, 10.30 am, Lunch, Afternoon, Diner

Food Pairing: Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, Persian Cuisins. Marinated, grilled, deep-fry, stir-fired of Beef, Wild, Chicken, Seafood in South Asian and Middle East kitchen herbs, spices.

Tiger Hill FOP
Tiger Hill FOP

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