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White teas undergo almost no transformation once harvested. It involves only the withering and drying steps. The name white tea is actually a literal translation from the color of the teacup, namely the light color of the brewed liquor. The subtle taste of white tea requires an experienced palate to enjoy the simple, fresh but straightforward flavor hidden in the complex structure of the liquor. White tea is the most subtle of all the varieties of tea, using only the finest tea leaves from each bush with a minimal amount of processing. Considered by most connoisseurs to be the apotheosis of tea, white tea has yet to make a significant impact on Western culture. This will soon change, with new studies showing that white tea is 10% more effective in improving immune health than its green cousin due to its polyphenols and catechins content.Tea time carries the most exclusive white teas available: Yin Zhen Silver Needles, White Egret Pearls, White Pommegranate and Gopaldhara Silver Pearls. Shown price is based on standard packaging size 100g or 3.52 ounces.

Serving moment: Breakfast, 10.30 am, Lunch, Afternoon, Diner

Food Pairing: White tea is so delicate and suttle so we recommend to drink it straight

White Teas Most Exclusive Sampler
White Teas Most Exclusive Sampler
Bai Mu Dan Special, Organic
Bai Mu Dan Special, Organic

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